Rice Milk Soap Bar 100 % Natural


Rice Milk Soap Bar 100 % Natural

Skin Type For All Types of Skin
Special Feature – Made with Rice and Milk |100% Handmade| Gluten Free


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What It Is –
Handmade with rice milk. We boil the milk slowly and then add vegetable extracts to create a natural lightening soap. Brightens and exfoliates the skin. Provides a rich amount of antioxidant that cleans your complexions by removing acne, dead cells, facial oil and blackheads. Remove bad odor.  The formula of Vegan Beauty is 100% natural and Handmade.

How to Use-
1- Wet your body
2- Gently rub the soap bar all over it
3- Massage & form a rich lather
4- Rinse off thoroughly using water


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