Milk and Rice Cream Moisturizer 100% Handmade


Milk and Rice Cream Moisturizer 100% Handmade

Skin Type – Dry & Sensitive

Special Feature – Nourishing | Natural Ingredients|100% Handmade| Organic


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What It Is
The main focus of Vegan Beauty formula is non-irritating and fragrance free, recommend for normal to dry and sensitive skin types . A nourishing face moisturizer made with a proprietary blend of vegan milk and rice that absorb quickly to deeply hydrate for softer, smoother-looking skin. It improves skin texture. Keeps your skin strong naturally. Deep moisturizing that prevents dry skin. Reduces expression lines due to its nourishing formula.

How to Use –

1- Warm up in hands first for quicker absorption.
2- Massage a dime-sized amount into skin with fingertips.




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