Intense Rose Petals Vegan Blush


Intense Rose Petals Vegan Blush

 100% handmade vegan and Cruelty-Free 

Special Feature  :- Not Tested On Animals , 100% Handmade, Natural, Made with rose petals , Organic, Natural Ingredients


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What It Is – The Vegan Beauty carries a legacy to built on purity and sustainability. With the roots in the organic bases , natural, 100% handmade. The Intense Rose Petal Blush applies smoothly on top of base makeup. In a perfectly matte finish. No matter your skin tone or skin type, there’s a blush out there that will complement your look, giving you perfect flush. We pulverize rose petals by hand, only like that we can extract its pigment. Blush your cheeks with a soft pink and a glowing finish. Its highly concentrated pigment ensures long-lasting color.

How to Use –
1- Clean and moisturize your face before using the Intense Rose Petal Blush.
2- Dab the brush gently into Intense Rose Petal Blush and start applying it to
your cheeks.
3- Reapply to get the desired shade.

Weight 12 kg


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