Almond Cream Concealer 100% Natural


Almond Cream Concealer 100% Natural

Color – Light

Special Feature – Long-lasting| Made with Almond| Gluten Free|100% Handmade


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What It Is
Our Completely Covered Cream Concealer introduces pure pigments to organic oils because your skin deserves to be both flawless and nourished. Handmade from sweet almonds and vegetables. Corrects imperfections and dark circles instantly with a long finish duration. Camouflage blemishes and imperfections instantly. Nourish and moist your skin with its long-lasting formula.  Prevents aging on the skin. The formula of Vegan Beauty is 100% natural and Handmade.

How to Use
1- Clean and moisturize your face before using the Almond Cream Concealer .
2- Apply to the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin and blend all over using gentle downward strokes.
3- Can be worn alone or over your foundation, in order to set it in place.




Weight 15 kg


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